How do we schedule an IEO

Planning & Production
Part of the preparatory process for launching the IEO.

Estimate: 1-2 weeks
Technical & Legal
Planning of the technical side of the project and obtaining legal advice.

Estimate: 1-2 weeks
Pre-IEO marketing Services
Create a hype before the tokens are listed for the project to have traction during the IEOs.

Estimate: 1-2 weeks
Listing services
We have an expert development team who work with the technical team of top Cryptocurrency Exchanges for listing tokens.

Planning & Production
Do you have an idea? We will validate it and develop a plan for its implementation.
IEO Planning
Planning is the first important step. The goals, period, the basis for issuing a token or a сoin are determined.
Token Model & Economy
Detailed development of the economy of the token will determine its future growth in the ecosystem of the product. The assumption of errors here can result in the loss of the value of the token regardless of the success of the product.
Business Model
The business model determines the interaction of tokens in the system with the main business indicators.
Basic Audit
The overall audit of the project allows you to identify strengths and weaknesses and eliminate obvious errors at the initial stage.
Complete Audit
This method lets us to get success in problems of all levels.
Product Validation Analysis
A full audit of the project allows you to immerse yourself in the features of the product, technology, determine their best use and application.
We will prepare the necessary set of tools for conducting IEO. Our task is to convey your idea to investors and opinion leaders in a simple, understandable manner.
Whitepaper, Onepager
Preparation of the main project documents. A detailed description of all aspects of the project significantly improves the investment attractiveness of the project.
IEO Website
We create a technological marketing website with all the features of the ICO market.
Pitches & Presentations
Development of project presentations for different formats of events and investors. From closed private events, to multi-thousand people presentations.
Whitepaper with emphasis on technical aspects, token economics and business model. The main task is to communicate to the investor the essence, tasks and potential of the project.

We offer technical development at all stages. At the first stage - this is the technical side of the IEO. Next is the development of your product and the integration with blockchain technology.
Smart Contracts
Coding of smart contracts and issuing tokens
Investor's cabinets
Setting up the investor cabinet to sell tokens from the project site
Product development
A team of experts and proven teams of IT developers to implement all the technical tasks of your project.
In the dynamically changing IEO market, it is very important to monitor international legislation and meet all the necessary requirements.
International AML / KYC Support
Support of international requirements "Know your customer" and "Anti money laundering".
Jurisdiction Analysis
Choosing the right jurisdiction is very important for the project, taking into account the specifics of the emitted tokens.
Token Agreement, Privacy Policy, ToS
Development of all necessary documents for the sale of tokens to international investors.
Tokenomics Advisory Services
Development of the economy of the token, its circulation in the system. The task is to create a model with organic demand for project tokens and to ensure its efficient economy
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IEO Marketing
We will take care of all the packaging and marketing of your project. For start it is necessary to do the minimum necessary volume of works so that your project became recognizable.
Roadmap & Marketing Strategy
Development of marketing strategy and necessary marketing materials.
Brand, Web, and Social Media Expertise
Creation of a memorable project brand, a series of presentations for users and investors (numerous languages), ICO site and all necessary media events for the purpose of conducting a successful ICO.
Bounty Program
Development and implementation of Bounty programs. The goal is to increase the scope of the project audience and reduce the cost of attracting new clients/investors.
Creation of a system of free distribution of tokens for loyal users and opinion leaders. Integration with chat and applications on the Telegram network.
Digital Marketing
Development and implementation of a marketing campaign in the web.
Community Management
Creation and maintenance of groups in the main social networks: Bitcoin Talk, Medium, Telegram, Facebook, LinkedIn and others. The task is to form a strong community of the project in order to attract attention to the project and improve its investment attractiveness.
Get listed in the main rating resources
We offer a program for the phased implementation of the IEO, which allows:
Validate first
Check the attractiveness of the project without significant costs and reputational risks.
Reduce risks
Significantly reduce the risks of misuse of funds.
Effective networking
To work more effectively with the investor audience.

Roadshows & Investor Relations

We will prepare your project for presentation in the Asian region: India and China. It is important to present the project to potential investors (both private and funds) with the help of Roadshow, the organization of effective networking with a high-quality audience, the rapid immersion of the invest ecosystem.
Organization of a closed sale of tokens through Asian MLM networks
The most effective tool for attracting investors and users is the popularization of the project through local investor networks.
Distribution of project materials on the basis of international investors (500+)
We have connections with numerous investors and funds. Our task is to notify investors about the appearance of a promising project and provide communication in case of interest.
Private roadshow to 4 cities in China
Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen. Presentation of the project to investors (200+) in block projects. The main investors: funds, private individuals.

Post IEO Services

After the completion of the IEO, there are many important processes on which further success depends. We will accompany you at every stage.
Exchange listings
The project tokens are not liquid until they are listed on crypto exchange. We provide better terms from the main crypto exchanges and accompany the project in the listing.
Market Making & Token Control
In addition to the release of the token on the exchange, it is important to conduct internal regulation in order to avoid strong fluctuations in the exchange rate, which repels investors.
Marketing and Product Placement
We will help in spreading the information about the product after its release. A strong partner network will allow you to bring the product to the market with minimal investment.
Enterprise Blockchain
The use of blockchain technology in business is an important task for many companies. We will study the features of your business and offer an optimal technological solution.
Blockchain Consulting and Evaluation
Industry-specific Application Creation
Comprehensive Technical Ability
Customized Blockchain Solutions
Partners & Clients
Red Panda
China Blockchain Experts
Smart Contracts Life
Axon Partners
TokenPass is the global blockchain community membership for active supporters, investors and visioners
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blockchain startups. - a system to protect against counterfeit alcohol from market professionals
Gese - blockchain-project, tracking the route from the manufacturer to the consumer using the help of a unique NFC-tag.
Trade One - decentralized blockchain platform for simple trading of cryptoassets
The platform provides an opportunity for users without deep knowledge about cryptocurrency and trading to get income from the development of blockchain economy.
Red Panda Music - the bridge between two worlds
Red Panda Music is here to solve both the average listeners problem of discovering fresh new music, and the independent artists problem of reaching a large audience.
Blockchain Expert Community in China
We promoting your unique idea, vision and technology, that helps to bring more real and loyal followers and investors in a right way. Our community have a significant amount with more than 500 of Investment funds, VC, LP, Crypto and ICO funds. China government have special programs to support developing Blockchain projects, especially it fits to Blockchain new technologies, Sports, Healthcare, Modern Agriculture. We know how to find and connect your project with the best business partners in China, who can share traffic, network and make your business growth very fast.
ILAG is a mastermind of Investorland
ILAG is the global initiative to change the landscape of individual investing and give new businesses a whole new level of conditions for growth and development.
Smart Contract Life - development and audit of smart contracts
Development of tokens and smart contracts Ethereum ERC20 and standards.
"Reimagining legal services"
We provide the quality services of top-tier consulting companies and law firms but with a different approach. An approach that the technocrats would like to see in their own business: humane, creative and technology-based and that is how it should be nowadays.