Security Token Offering from market experts

Business Freindly
Easy to follow 4 steps process of Security Token release.
6-10 weeks registration and issuing
It will take us some time to ensure all steps are complete.
Package Price of
25,000 USDT
We provide tokenization services as commodity at the lowest possible price.
Additional packages
In addition, we offer our clients marketing support and investment relations services.

Complete legal & technical Security Token Issuing

Our experts will guide you though the most important steps of STO
DD and Legal Compliance
  • General Due Diligence
  • US Corporate Registration (C-corp, Delaware)
  • Complete document of Board Decision of Security Token Issuance
  • Simple Agreement for Future Equity
  • Legal Compliance
  • Support & Advice on SEC application under Reg D; Reg S compliance
  • Token Economy & Correspondence to Cap Table
  • Token Rights Assignment
  • Assistance in Prospectus & Private Placement Memorandum preparation
Token Issuance and Integrations
  • Security Token setup and programming (based on legal and business information)
  • Security Token Issuing (SRC-20 standard) on STOBox Platform
  • SRC-20 / ERC-1400 Ethereum Blockchain Gate
  • Custodian & Escrow integration
  • KYC integration
Marketing & Investment Relations
  • Listing on 5 STO trackers
  • Investment Relations via US/European angel investors, investment funds, family offices.
  • Setting up 1 full-time investment relation manager for contacting the list of:
200 Family Offices
500+ Cryptofunds and 400+ VC's invested in blockchain startups

1 month of support and consultancy after the project is done
How it works
Fill in the application
The first step is to fill out our application so we can better understand how you are looking to leverage a Security Token and review how much you know already.
Review with our expert
Our experts will go over your application, set up a 45-minute call, and asses where you need help the most based on where you are in the process.
Preparation & Execution
Our legal and techical experts will follow all necessary steps to issue Security Tokens for your new-born corporation.
Get your Security Tokens
Once legal and technical issues are resolved you can start using your Security Tokens. All legal paperwork is prepared and passed to the client.
Additional Packages
In addition we offer exchange listings, marketing and investment relation services for
our special clients.
Exchange Listings
As of now the list of Security Token Exchanges is being updated.
Investment Relations & Marketing
For more information please email on
[email protected]

How you can sell your Security Tokens?
Once your Security Tokens are released you can start offering them to your investors.
Independent sale of your own security tokens
Sale with the help of specialized broker-dealers directly to interested investors
Conferences, roadshows, meetups. Organizing one-on-one meetings with investors for project representatives
Start your fundraising with the most promising tool in 2019.
Basic Package
25,000 USDT ONLY

Our experts will guide you through the main steps.
Apply with Goldfinch Network
What asset are you looking to tokenize?
Do you currently have legal representation?
Do you have investors or are you looking for help bringing investors to you?
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